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Cambridge Veterinary Group has gained a reputation for treating exotic species

Over the years, Cambridge Veterinary Group has gained a reputation for treating exotic species. Many of the vets here have an interest in exotics and are happy to see a wide variety of pets from tortoises to parrots to snakes and lizards as well as all manner of small mammals. Our nurses are highly trained to handle these species and we have special vivaria and heated/ventilated bird cages to accommodate them should they need to spend time in the hospital.

Why refer to Cambridge Veterinary Group?

We are happy to take exotic referral cases and second opinions, as well as offering advice to vets from other practices. You can reach us on

We are happy to run faecal checks, take blood samples, radiographs, perform ultrasound, endoscopy and surgery on many species, and can offer advanced care and procedures due to having Certificate holders in both Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (Mikel) and Diagnostic Imaging (Emma). 

If you have an exotic pet that requires veterinary treatment, then give us a call.

Mikel joins us with a wealth of exotic pet care experience gained in several countries, and is confident in seeing a wide range of species. He teaches internationally whilst also looking after zoological collections and studying towards a PhD. Mikel has advanced qualifications in Exotic animal medicine allowing us to not only see second opinions, but also to accept referrals from other veterinary practices - Mikel works Wednesdays.

Helen Inzani has been with us since July 2019, and is here Monday to Thursday. Helen has worked with exotics since graduating and is able to see all first opinion cases. She is currently studying towards a Certificate in Exotic Medicine and is very happy to see a wide range of species and treat small furry pets to large feathered or scaled ones!

Mabel joined us in July 2021 and quickly grew on her exotics experience seeing her own cases as well as some alongside Helen and Mikel. Mabel is happy to treat all pets that need her care, and enjoys all aspects of their care.

We are also a listed Chicken Vet Practice and are happy to see pet poultry, and stock the Chicken Vet range of products.