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What to do in an emergency

Emergency care for our patients is provided by Vet24, a practice dedicated to providing emergency treatment for sick animals outside of normal working hours.

There is a vet and nurse on-site to offer phone advice or to see your pet if appropriate. The Vet24 team only work the out-of-hours shift and are therefore fresh and ready to offer assistance to concerned owners.

You will be seen at either their Milton branch or their Whittlesford branch. Please be aware that Vet24 only provide emergency treatment. Any further care will be provided by us during normal working hours.

More information about their location and terms can be found HERE.

The Emergency Number Is:

0845 500 4247

This will transfer you directly to Vet24.

26 Cambridge Road
Cambridge CB24 6AW

39 Station Rd W
Cambridge CB22 4NL